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Ticketmaster were revitalising their Seasonal campaign and looking at potential pitches to move forward with.

The idea was to use fun non-human characters to appeal to a broad market without falling into any seasonal cliches. Developing likable and relatable characters to be used in a variety of humourous situations to communicate the fun of Christmas giving. The characters chosen were three hedgehog brothers named Billy, Charlie and George – They’re a little rough around the edges and all possess a cheeky nature. They may get into a spot of trouble occasionally, all in the name of some naughty shenanigans, but ultimately they’re a sweet bunch of boys with their hearts in the right place.

The Hogs are portrayed in various situations – either at events on offer or mischievously trying to get their little paws on tickets. The animated style is bright and eye-catching to go with the fun nature of the concept.

Client: Ticketmaster
Posted by: Christy Howells