Easter Island

Advertising / Cape Union Mart / Design / Graphics

   Client: Cape Union Mart |    Posted by: Christy Howells

A campaign for Cape Union Mart would always involve a large window display for each of their stores nationwide with a 2m x 2,4m banner, correx cutouts, decals, and other necessary props. Once the concept was approved and window artwork was completed, the artwork would then be modified for adverts, posters and all their POS needs.

If the copy didn’t immediately give it away, this was the Easter campaign. For an outdoor adventure store, Easter Island was not only a great choice but a logical one to play on for their Easter campaign. The Moai were large correx cutouts for the window displays set in front of the background banner with the copy line placed on the window glass.

This has been their most successful window campaign to date with them receiving a lot of positive feedback.