Weather Gods

Advertising / Cape Union Mart / Graphics / Illustration

   Client: Cape Union Mart |    Posted by: Christy Howells

A campaign for Cape Union Mart would always involve a large window display for each of their stores nationwide with a 2m x 2,4m banner, correx cutouts, decals, and other necessary props. Once the concept was approved and window artwork was completed, the artwork would then be modified for adverts, posters and all their POS needs.

This brief was a little different to the norm but was undoubtedly one of my favorites to do. It was requested that I produce a painting/illustration for their Winter Bad Weather campaign. After a few back and forths to get the concept details in place, this was the final painting that was used.

It was a very successful campaign for them and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my painting as a 2.4m banner in stores across the country.